Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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November 8 2003; NZ Herald features the case
Catherine Masters reports the allegations, that he allegedly forced young Cambodian girls, brought from poor rural areas to his home as housekeepers, to have sex with him. The former Wellingtonian has lived in Siem Reap for about 10 years and was arrested after an investigation lasting nearly six months. Reports said an illegal gun was found at his home and that he may be charged with paedophilia. It is claimed it was his wife's job to find the young girls from the remote countryside. They were allegedly paid to work in the home, forced to have sex and threatened if they refused.

However, the report already quotes rumours rife in the Siem Reap expatriate community that Cleghorn may have been set up. This had allegedly happened to another expatriate in order to get his land, a bar owner, who did not want to be named, told the Herald.

2003-1108 - NZ Herald - New Zealander facing sex charges in Cambodia

October 24 Graham Cleghorn charged with rape
Graham Cleghorn charged with the rape of teenagers, and his Cambodian wife was charged with pimping them in Siem Reap in north western Cambodia. The number of complainants vary in reports from three to "more than six"

The arrest follows concerns from c
hild rights advocates who have warned that Cambodia has become a haven for foreign pedophiles due to lax law enforcement, corruption in the courts and the easy availability of young boys and girls who are forced into prostitution by poverty.

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