Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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12 September 2005: NZ Lawyer says trial "flawed"; Govt should intervene
Wellington lawyer Greg King says the Government should step in to ensure Graham Cleghorn "gets a fair shot at justice".

·                Mr King has reviewed the trial documents after being approached by Cleghorn's family, and said "a whole raft of outrageous abuses" surrounded the case.

·                The prosecution witnesses were not cross-examined,

·                Cleghorn had been prevented from calling his own witnesses,

·                His Cambodian lawyer "didn't open his mouth" throughout the proceedings.

·                The founder of the women's rights group that encouraged the girls to bring the case against Cleghorn was a sister of the judge

"There's a line between interfering in another country's justice system and ensuring New Zealand citizens are properly advised and represented. The New Zealand Government shouldn't stand by and allow this to happen to its citizens overseas."

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2 May 2005; Graham Cleghorn one of 600 NZers in prison overseas
More than 600 New Zealanders are being held in overseas jails accused of offences ranging from drug trafficking to violent crime

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