Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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December 23 2006  Summary of TV Documentary
Gordon Brown provides a quick summary …."There was lots of for and against, and it was hard to know who was telling the truth, although a one-day trial without any cross-examination didn't seem all that fair"

2006-1223 - Daily News - 'Tis the season for sympathy

December 18 2006  Concerns over human rights breaches in prison
Cleghorn is pleading with the NZ Government for former Governor-General Dame Silva Cartwright to visit him in Phnom Penh's Prey Sar jail, which he says breaches international human rights laws.

2006-1218 - Waikato Times - Cleghorn plea to Govt

2006-1218 - Dominion Post - Cleghorn plea over rights violations

2006-1218 - Southland Times - PM's help sought in Cambodia

December 12 2006 Promotion for TV Documentary
In this documentary, director/reporter Ingrid Leary travels to Cambodia to see if she can uncover the truth about why Cleghorn and his wife claim they were set up, and whether they have been treated fairly by the Cambodian justice system. The documentary includes exclusive interviews with Cleghorn, his wife, the judge in the case, Cleghorn's lawyers and supporters, the girls who say he raped them and staff at the women's refuge that sheltered the girls and arranged their testimony

2006-1212 - Dominion Post - Cause celebre in Cambodia

December 7 2006; Appeal delayed again
The appeal was again adjourned.  His accusers, their lawyer and representatives of the CWCC failed to appear. Cambodian Appeals Court judge Saly Theara told the court that he did not feel able to hold the hearing without representatives from both sides present. The case was adjourned until a date yet to be announced in January.

Rudolf Knuchel notes that this is the third appeal adjourned for unusual reasons. In this appeal people from the Phnom Penh CWCC were present, dismissing the claim that the CWCC were not aware of the date.

Executive Director of Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre (CWCC) Oung Chanthol said they didn't go because "because the court did not send a notice to us, our lawyers, the police, or the victims.

Cleghorn's Cambodian lawyer, Ry Ouk, says the women should have been subpoenaed and his client is very disappointed that the case did not go ahead.

Graham Cleghorn said "I have been in jail three years waiting for today. I want to speak but they will not let me... I want my day in court. I want to put my case,"   His daughter, Heidi Madeley, said the delay is frustrating.

2006-1207 - Radio NZ - Cambodian case adjourned after witnesses did not show up

2006-1207 - Raw Story - New Zealander's Cambodian appeal adjourned

2006-1208 - Southland Times - Appeal delayed in Cambodian rape

2006-1208 - Rudolph Knuchel - Graham Cleghorn Appeal Postponed

2006-1208 - Radio Live - Delay for jailed Kiwi in Cambodia

2006-1208 - NZ Herald - Cleghorn rape conviction appeal adjourned

2006-1208 - Dominion Post - Cleghorn case delayed

December 2 2006; Spirits lifted with appeal date set
Graham Cleghorn buoyed by news he will finally have a chance to clear his name. His daughter, Heidi Madeley, said her father's spirits had been lifted after he was told by his lawyer that an appeal had been scheduled. He maintains his innocence and claims he has been framed by corrupt officials who want his land on the edge of the Angkor Wat temple complex. "It's great news, but I only hope the judges haven't already been bribed and the appeal is a foregone conclusion," Ms Madeley said.  Bangkok-based New Zealand consul Lyndal Walker will attend the appeal.

2006-1202 - Radio NZ - Appeal scheduled in Cleghorn case

2006-1202 - Dominion Post - 'Great news' for jailed Kiwi's family

2006-1203 - Newswire - Appeal Scheduled In Cleghorn Case

November 30 2006; Cleghorn granted appeal
Graham Cleghorn has been granted an appeal, scheduled for December 7. Cleghorn's Wellington lawyer, Greg King, said he was pleased that the appeal would take place. Cleghorn, 60, claims he is innocent of rape and has accused the Cambodian women's Crisis Center of using extortion to have foreigners jailed for sexually abusing young girls.

2006-1130 - Manawatu Standard - Kiwi gets rape appeal

2006-1130 - Dominion Post - Cleghorn gets appeal

2006-1130 - Stuff - Kiwi rapist granted appeal in Cambodia

2006-1130 - The Press - Kiwi able to appeal

September 29 2006; Three accusers retract their allegations, take case against the CWCC
Three Cambodian mothers Hean Teun (Han Tun), 41, Laem San (Soeum Sam), 49, and Phel Pen (Pel Phean) have claimed their children were kidnapped and falsely imprisoned by the Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre in a bid to make them admit they had been sexually abused by Graham Cleghorn. When they managed to escape, the girls were recaptured and returned forcibly to the locked room by CWCC staff.

In a similar case against Bart Lauwaert complainants retracted their allegations claiming the CWCC had groomed them to lie with offers of $5,000 each

New Zealand lawyer Greg King said Cleghorn was buoyed by the development. "We're counting on this to reinforce the factual basis of Graham's case and we hope to see a lot more uncovered,"

CWCC director Oung Chanthol said the complaint would not have happened without some people at the back who are pushing poor people.

The chief prosecutor for the northern provincial court of Siem Reap, So Vat said "The court will investigate these claims because it is our job. However, this has been a very long road. They waited a long time to make these complaints. I wonder if outside forces are not encouraging them now,"

2006-0929 - Bangkok Post - Mothers sue Khmer NGO for kidnapping

2006-1002 - Southland Times - Hope for jailed New Zealander

2006-1002 - Dominion Post - Cleghorn buoyed by legal move

2006-1002 - Cambodia Daily - Mothers Claim NGO Detained 3 Daughters

2006-1002 - The Press - Kiwi's accusers recant rape claims

July 7 2007; Graham Cleghorn's appeal adjourned
A new appeal, scheduled for July 10 has been adjourned, due to the withdrawal of Cleghorn's lawyer from the case. It will be Cleghorn's fourth attempt to have an appeal heard. Earlier this year a hearing was held, but he was not informed of it until afterwards.This latest appeal was granted only after the New Zealand ambassador intervened

2006-0710 - Dominion Post - Kiwi's appeal adjourned

2006-0707 - Newstalk ZB - Cleghorn has appeal adjourned

July 2006; Bronwyn Sloan talks about abuse allegations in Cambodia
A journalist reports meeting Graham Cleghorn a year before he was arrested, He claimed then that child protection groups were operating with impunity, taking advantage of an unassailable cause and a free reign from donors anxious to earn headlines to justify their expenditure. He said one group had singled him out as a child molester, and now it was trying to manufacture evidence to make the theory fit. He urged me to investigate

She reports interviewing a girl who had been abducted by a non-government organization without her mother's consent, held against her will in a center and told that the group already knew she had been abused by Cleghorn, that others had already confessed, that she should confess, that she would not see her mother again unless she told the truth.

Bronwyn Sloan describes in detail disturbing practices in the investigation and prosecution of suspected sex offenders in Cambodia by groups such as the CWCC that make miscarriages of justice an inevitability, and also unfortunately provide doubt in cases where a conviction is actually warranted.

2006-0700 - Tales of Asia - Phnom Penh Perspective: Child Abuse

June 24 2006; Judge Tan Senarong denies interest in the Cleghorn case
Judge responds to allegations that he colluded with his sister, a prominent CWCC member, to put Cleghorn in prison so that Cleghorn could be blackmailed for his land near Angkor Wat.  He says that he did not preside over the original trial, has no knowledge of land matters involving Graham Cleghorn, and has never discussed the case with his sister

2006-0624 - Phnom Penh Post - Judge Tan Senarong

June 23 2007; Media criticised for shabby journalism
Lynley Hood criticises media that are presenting only one side of the story in the Graham Cleghorn case. If the Women's crisis centre is the source of stories, journalists should be aware that the CWCC needs close scrutiny itself. In another press release Dr Hood accuse media of shabby journalism. For example there has never been any suggestion that any of the five complainants in the Cleghorn case were under the age of consent, and yet many New Zealand media persist in describing him, incorrectly, as a pedophile

2006-0623 - Dominion Post - Centre needs more scrutiny

2006-0623 - Scoop - Author Slams Shabby Journalism

June 21 2007; NZ lawyer requests funding for Cleghorn; New lawyer appointed
Greg King suspects the timing of Cleghorn's appeal was deliberate, with his former lawyer having left out of frustration with the Cambodian justice system. Greg King plans to ask the New Zealand Government for money to fund his appeal. Otago University-trained Cambodian lawyer Ock Ry has since been hired to represent Cleghorn.

2006-0621 - One News - Cambodian lawyer quits Cleghorn case

2006-0621 - NZ Herald - Convicted rapist's lawyer to ask NZ government for cash

2006-0621 - Stuff - Cambodian prisoner's lawyer to ask Govt for cash

2006-0621 - National Radio - Legal Representation for NZ Man

2006-0621 - Dominion Post - Cleghorn lawyer opts out

June 20 2007; New Appeal Date set for Graham Cleghorn
A new appeal date for a New Zealand man serving 20 years in a Cambodian jail for rape has been set down for July 10 after the New Zealand ambassador intervened in the case, his former lawyer Dy Borima said.  Graham Cleghorn remained pessimistic about his chances, citing Cambodia's infamously endemic corruption and a reluctance by officials to go up against a powerful and well- funded organisation like the CWCC, which he said attracts millions of dollars in international donations each year.

2006-0620 - Timaru Herald - New appeal date for NZ man: report

2006-0620 - Waikato Times - Cambodia rape case appeal

2006-0619 - One News - Appeal date for NZ man in Cambodia

June 16 2006; Cleghorn despair; Reasons for lawyer's resignation
Graham Cleghorn says he has no chance of a fair trial in Cambodia. He believes this was why his Cambodian lawyer, Dy Borima, resigned from his case.. Borima said that he resigned because he believed Cleghorn needed "someone stronger".

2006-0616 - Bangkok Post - Kiwi despairs of fair Cambodia trial

June 14 2006; Australia are to investigate Women's Crisis Centre
Australian Justice Minister Chris Ellison told the Australian newspaper: "The girls in this case had recanted their allegations... and we could not secure assurances from the Cambodians that Betteridge be allowed a retrial and given an opportunity to offer a defence." He said he had asked his department to investigate the women's crisis centre to see if it received funding from Australia.

2006-0614 - NZ Herald - Inquiry into Cambodian centre after rape claims

2006-0614 - Dominion Post - Boost for jailed Kiwi

June 10 2006; Cleghorn's lawyer resigns from case
Dy Borima, lawyer for the Australians who lost their appeal, resigned as lawyer for Graham Cleghorn "just hours" after the failed appeal.  He had earlier claimed that the appeal result was an injustice.

2006-0616 - Bangkok Post - Kiwi despairs of fair Cambodia trial

June 10 2006; Australian Government concerned about natural justice in Cambodia
The Australian Government, waiting for the Appeal Court decision before making a decision on Clint Betteridge, released him rather than sending him back to Cambodia amid fears he would be denied natural justice there  They are concerned that a retrial was refused despite the recanting of his accuser's original testimony Despite Betteridge's accusers.

2006-0610 - Source Unknown - 'Pedophile' extradition halted

June 9 2006; Appeal Court sets a concerning precedent
The Cambodian Appeals Court upheld a conviction against Australian Bart Lauwaert, despite nine of 10 witnesses withdrawing their complaints against him. Presiding Judge Saly Theara said on Friday that Lauwaert's appeal had failed because forensic evidence presented at the lower court trial pointed to his guilt. Lawyer Dy Borima said that the ruling was unjust.

The families of Lauwaert, Clint Betteridge and also Graham Cleghorn claimed that the Cambodian Women's Crisis Center engineered Lauwaert's conviction. They also claimed that police and CWCC staff harassed a witness who retracted her testimony against Lauwaert.

CWCC Executive Director Chanthol Oung, whose organisation has  been called into question regarding several convictions, claimed that campaigners are actively trying to protect pedophiles.

2006-0609 - Lotus Outreach - 20-year Jail Term Upheld

2006-0609 - Thanhnien News - Australians lose appeal in Cambodian sex case

2006-0609 - National Nine News - Australians lose appeal on rape charges

June 9 2006; Call for investigation of Women's Crisis Centre
The family of Australian Bart Lauwaert, rallied to his defense Thursday on the eve of the Appeals Court decision. Lauwaert’s mother, Laura Van den Eynde, wrote that it was impossible for her son to receive a fair trial in 2002, and called for an investigation of the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center which helped convict him.

2006-0609 - Cambodia Daily - Lauwaert’s Mother: Justice was impossible in 2002

June 6 2006; Accusations by and against the Women's Crisis Centre
A press release by the CWCC makes claims of false testimony, lack of participation by lawyers in appeal of Lauwaert. They call for an investigation of why the complainants retracted their allegations. In response the families of Australians Lauwaert and Betteridge, and New Zealander Cleghorn attacked the methods of the CWCC

2006-0606 - Cambodian Women's Crisis Center - Press Release

2006-0609 - Cambodian Prisoner Crisis Center - Madness in their methods

June 3 2006; Accusations against Cleghorn
Keri Welham of the Dominion Post reports "records" that complainants in Cleghorn case were pressured to withdraw their statements; and that Cleghorn's wife was aware Cleghorn had slept with the girls. The source of the allegations was not provided, which appear to have been sourced from the CWCC.

2006-0603 - Dominion Post - Sex-case Kiwi's background comes to light

June 1 2006; Australian Embassy Summary of Lauwaert case proceedings
The Australian Embassy provided a summary of the court proceedings associated with the appeal hearing for Bart Laewaert.  Comments on this summary are provided by Rudolph Knuchel who was also present, concerned that the Embassy summary omitted or overlooked several important points.

2006-0601 - Australian Embassy - Summary of Court Proceedings

2006-0606 - Rudolf Knuchel - Comments on Australian Embassy Summary of Court Proceedings

June 1 2006; Accusers recant in similar case to Cleghorn; Also accuse CWCC
Six Cambodian girls whose testimony put an Australian in jail for 20 years on rape and sexual abuse charges have changed their story and asked an appeal court to free him. They have accused the Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre of persuading them to testify that Bart Lauwaert hired them as maids, then raped and abused them sexually. As Cleghorn claimed in his case, the girls in the Lauwaert case say the crisis centre convinced them to lie to get money out of the 39-year-old Australian.

2006-0601 - ABC News - Girls change story in Australian rape case

2006-0601 - Herald Sun - Victims recant against Aussie abuser

2006-0601 - Mainichi Daily News - Cambodian girls accuse women's group of coercing rape testimony

2006-0602 - China Post - Court opens appeal hearings for a convicted pedophile

March 11 2006; Internet Blog calls case a "farce"
"Seems he's going to get his case re-opened and be allowed a proper appeal with himself and an attorney present (which you think would have been a given the first time but welcome to the Cambodia justice system), and perhaps get to cross-examine the witnesses that testified against him"

2006-0311 - Tales of Asia - Graham Cleghorn

March 9 2006; Cambodian Justice Minister indicates will grant re-appeal
Cambodia's Justice Minister has indicated that New Zealander Graham Cleghorn might get a chance to re-appeal his child rape conviction and 20-year jail sentence.  Ang Vong Vathana said yesterday that he would almost certainly grant a re-appeal if approached by Cleghorn's lawyer. The concession was made just hours before New Zealand's Thailand-based ambassador Peter Rider flew into the capital, Phnom Penh, to further investigate Cleghorn's plight

2006-0309 - NZ Herald - Cleghorn appeal to be reheard, says Minister

2006-0309 - Dominion Post - Cleghorn may get chance for rehearing

2006-0310 - Stuff - Convicted NZ rapist to get rehearing

2006-0310 - One News - Decision on Cleghorn appeal wanted

2006-0310 - NZ Herald - Ambassador to push for paedophile appeal in Cambodia

2006-0310 - Dominion Post - Cambodia considers Cleghorn appeal

March 8 2006; NZ TV Closeup covers the case
NZer Graham Cleghorn has been locked up in a Cambodian jail for the rape of five teenage girls, part of a 20 year sentence. But he says he’s innocent. He claims to be the victim of a set-up by a women’s crisis organisation. Now there have been questions from day one about how this case has been handled in Cambodia. Mysteriously, Cleghorn’s appeal was heard several weeks ago, yet, he was never told it was even on. Today, New Zealand’s Ambassador in Thailand, Peter Rider, is travelling to the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh demanding answers and a fair hearing. So what is going on?

2006-0308 - Closeup - Transcript, Graham Cleghorn


Dy Borima (left), lawyer for Graham Cleghorn: "All the girls were promised by CWCC $US10,000 each if they filed a complaint against foreigners". Ms Chanthol, CWCC (right): We never pay for anyone - apart we pay for accommodation for victims if necessary

March 7 2006; Claims of Corruption by Cambodian Crisis Centre
Graham Cleghorn has claimed a corrupt judge persuaded his sister, head of the women's centre, to offer teenage girls US$10,000 to press rape charges against him. 

A New Zealand child advocate Denise Ritchie has questioned whether the centre would have the financial means for bribes.

Cleghorn says the more people that are arrested for sex offences the more overseas funding the CWCC can get. He says he wants the CWCC investigated

The centre's executive director, Oung Chanthol, said she would welcome any officials or police who might want to investigate her organisation for evidence of corruption. "We fight corruption.

Wellington lawyer Greg King said the women's crisis centre was a "desperate organisation" with little credibility and he was not surprised by its "outrageous" allegations. "All we are asking for is due process. We don't want a trial by media. We want a trial by law – that is what he has to date been denied."

2006-0307 - NZ Herald - Ambassador looking into convicted rapist's case

2006-0308 - Dominion Post - NZ envoy to visit Cleghorn in jail

2006-0308 - TVNZ - Kiwi in Cambodia claims innocence

March 7 2006; Ambassador seeks meeting with Cambodian Justice Minister
The NZ Ambassador in Thailand is to seek a meeting with the Cambodian Justice Minister over convicted New Zealand rapist Graham Cleghorn's case. Peter Rider, goes to Cambodia tomorrow. He will also try to see Cleghorn and his lawyer. Mr Rider hopes to raise include the fact that Cleghorn's appeal was held in his absence. Foreign Affairs staff are trying to find out whether it is possible to have the appeal reheard.

2006-0307 - Waikato Times - Rape case meeting

2006-0307 - NZ Herald - Ambassador looking into convicted rapist's case

March 6 2006; Graham Cleghorn pleads for NZ to get him a fair hearing
"All I am asking for is two things; a fair trial where my witnesses can be heard; and for the New Zealand Government to request an independent investigation into the Cambodian Women's Crisis Center which brought the charges against me," Cleghorn said

2006-0306 - Taranaki Daily News - Kiwi pleads for fair trial

2006-0306 - Dominion Post - 'If NZ can't help me, I would want to die' - Cleghorn

March 6 2006; Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre hit back
Convicted New Zealand rapist Graham Cleghorn filled his home with young girls, says the Cambodian group accused of bribing teenagers to falsely testify against him. It claims Cleghorn and his wife procured girls from poor villagers to live with them as house servants. It said some of the 10 servants were made to massage Cleghorn at night and five testified that he raped them.

Cleghorn's daughter Mrs Madeley claimed she had visited the complainants' village and four of them had wanted to retract their evidence. The girls lived with Cleghorn as employees of his shrimp farm. Many families were counting on an alleged US$10,000 bribe from the centre to buy their way out of poverty. The organisation denied using bribery in its work

2006-0306 - Dominion Post - Home 'filled with girls'

2006-0306 - Southland Times - Accusers of jailed Kiwi hit back

2006-0306 - NZ Herald - Cleghorn's Cambodia home 'filled with girls'

February 27; Next appeal may be months away
Cleghorn may have months to wait before another appeal can be heard. New Zealand ambassador to Thailand Peter Rider said he was interested in due process and that Mr Cleghorn got a fair hearing, but he was aware that it might take some time to get through the judicial system. Cleghorn's daughter Heidi Madeley said her father had been in prison for two and a half years and she felt the Government had abandoned his case.

2006-0227 - The Press - Long wait for Cambodia conviction appeal

2006-0227 - Stuff - Jailed NZer abandoned by Govt - daughter

2006-0227 - One News - Answers wanted in Cleghorn case

2006-0227 - NZ Herald - Jailed New Zealander may have to wait months for Cambodia appeal

February 26 2006; NZ Ambassador going to Cambodia
NZ Ambassador to Thailand is planning to go to Cambodia to discuss Graham Cleghorn's appeal. Peter Rider, is trying to arrange meetings with Cambodian Justice Ministry officials. The spokesman says Mr Rider wants to find out why the appeal was heard in Mr Cleghorn's absence, why the embassy was not informed of the appeal date and what steps can be taken now to get a fair hearing.

The New Zealand Government has already raised concerns at the way Cleghorn's trial was handled. It took only nine hours, he was refused a translator, and denied the right to call his own witnesses and cross-examine prosecution witnesses

2006-0226 - Stuff - NZ ambassador to discuss jailed Kiwi's case in Cambodia

2006-0226 - NZ Herald - NZ ambassador to discuss Cleghorn's case in Cambodia

2006-0226 - Newstalk ZB - Ambassador to help Cleghorn

February 25 2006; Dominion Post feature article on Cleghorn case
History of the case; Heidi Madeley says land is the reason behind the rape accusations. Cleghorn maintains Phnom Penh Municipal Court judge Tan Senarong wanted his land and allegedly enlisted his sister, head of the Siem Reap branch of the Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre child protection group, to bribe five teenage girls to press rape charges against him. Mrs Madeley says corruption is so deep-seated in Cambodia that no official would admit to faults in the judicial processes surrounding Cleghorn's case, as it would "send shockwaves all the way to the top"

New Zealand has raised concerns with Cambodian authorities about the case. Otago University international law expert Associate Professor Kevin Dawkins says if the diplomatic requests that are under way fail, New Zealand can instigate proceedings against Cambodia in the International Court of Justice, in The Hague. He says Cleghorn's trial and subsequent appeal seemed "primitive and cynical" and breached basic levels of international law.

Denise Ritchie, founder of New Zealand-based child rights group Stop Demand, says Cambodia is seen as a top destination for foreign child sex offenders, because of relaxed enforcement and penalties. Though she agrees Cleghorn deserves a fair go, she says it does not mean he is innocent of the rape charges

2006-0225 - Dominion Post - Living hell in a Cambodian cell

February 23 2006; Cleghorn's daughter begs for assistance

Graham Cleghorn and his daughter Heidi Madeley

The daughter of jailed Kiwi Graham Cleghorn is calling on New Zealand politicians to step in to save her seriously ill father, who she believes will be dead within months as he "rots" in his squalid Cambodian prison cell. Heidi Madeley, last visited her father in August and said he was so ill and emaciated she did not recognise him. "He's lost a lot of weight. He's lost most of his teeth because of the prison diet. What little food he does get he can't chew. He's getting sicker and sicker by the minute."

2006-0223 - Dominion Post - Save my dad, daughter begs Kiwi politicians

2006-0223 - NZ Herald - Daughter fears for imprisoned father's life

February 22 2006; Lawyer calls for action by NZ politicians

Greg King

The lawyer for a New Zealand man serving 20 years in a Cambodian prison says New Zealand politicians should be speaking out about his client's right to a fair trial. Graham Cleghorn's lawyer Greg King says Cleghorn had a farcical trial. He says Cleghorn was set up and his recent appeal breached all known human rights

2006-0222 - One News - Call for action over jailed Kiwi's trial

February 21 2006; Claim that Cleghorn is a victim of a "sex sting"
In October 2002, Swiss hotelier Rudolf Knuchel successfully defended molestation charges brought against him by the Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre -- the same organisation alleged to have offered five Cambodian girls US$10,000 to accuse Cleghorn of rape. .......Mr Knuchel said he was targeted by the crisis centre because he was a landowner. Cleghorn also insists he was punished by corrupt officials who wanted his land. .......He said the district court judge who had been instrumental in bringing charges against him and Cleghorn had been dismissed for corruption several months ago

2006-0221 - Dominion Post - Kiwi 'victim of copycat sex sting'

2006-0222 - NZ Herald - Sex scam puts Kiwi's conviction in doubt

February 19 2006; Officials seek clarification of Cleghorn's status.
It has now come to light that an unsuccessful appeal against his sentence was held in secret last month without his lawyer or New Zealand officials knowing. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it wants answers from its Cambodian counterparts

Paul Buchanan, an international relations expert at Auckland University, says the best thing New Zealand can do is seek clarification of Cleghorn's status but he says the Government has to be careful it is not putting diplomatic pressure on the Cambodian government

Amnesty International says it is time for intervention into the way Cambodia's legal system operates. The New Zealand branch says it is deeply concerned about the way 55-year-old Mr Cleghorn was treated during his trial. Amnesty chief Ced Simpson is not surprised though

2006-0219 - Newstalk ZB - NZ must seek clarification of man's status

2006-0220 - Newstalk ZB - Officials seek clarification on jailed NZer

February 19 2006; Concern for health of Graham Cleghorn
Concerns that Cleghorn may die in jail unless action is taken to free him. His Wellington lawyer, Greg King, said conditions in the prison were horrendous and prisoners did not receive enough food to survive, so were largely dependent on family and friends to bring food

2006-0219 - Sunday Star Times - Cambodian jail 'will kill Kiwi inmate'

February 18 2006; Evidence now emerged that complainants were lying
Graham Cleghorn maintains he was framed by corrupt Cambodian officials. Greg King, lawyer for Graham Cleghorn said his client was a victim of a non-government organisation, the Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre, which was seeking millions of dollars of foreign funding that had been poured into Southeast Asia to stop child prostitution with Western men.

King says evidence has now emerged proving the five teenaged girls who made sex allegations against Mr Cleghorn were lying. A number of young girls from the village where Graham Cleghorn lived were kidnapped and were detained for 15 days and were told they would only be released if they made allegations against him,"  He says the five girls were offered $US10,000 to lie by someone Cleghorn was in a land dispute with. But the Cleghorns want to present new evidence - other women from the village who were made the same offer to lie say they know the victims are lying too. The complainants have now retracted their evidence.

2006-0218 - Newstalk ZB - Sex allegations 'made up'

2006-0218 - One News - Foreign affairs to help jailed NZ man

2006-0218 - Dominion Post - Girls take back rape allegations

2006-0218 - The Press - NZ intervenes for Kiwi jailed in Cambodia

February 18 2006; Appeal held without Cleghorn's knowledge
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFat) says it has only just discovered an appeal for Cleghorn's case was heard in January, without his knowledge.

The New Zealand Ambassador to Bangkok, Peter Rider, has expressed serious concerns about the legal process to Cambodian authorities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had concerns from the start when Cleghorn's original trial lasted only nine hours and his Cambodian lawyer didn't say a word. King has called the trial process "an absolute sham". Peter Rider has now met with Cambodian officials to raise concerns about the case. 

Wellington lawyer Greg King, who represents Cleghorn, says there was strong evidence for his appeal. He says his client was pinning his hopes on an appeal and is devastated by the news. He says the legal process in Cambodia has completely failed Graham Cleghorn. The ministry is awaiting a response, but if that fails, King says he will take the case to the United Nations.

2006-0218 - Radio NZ - NZer jailed in Cambodia devastated at missing his own appeal

2006-0218 - One News - Foreign affairs to help jailed NZ man

2006-0218 - One News - Concern for Kiwi prisoner in Cambodia

2006-0218 - The Press - NZ intervenes for Kiwi jailed in Cambodia