Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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This page last updated 16 July 2007







Jul 13

Further criticisms of the judgment


Jul 12

Radio NZ interviews Ong Chanthol, previously Director of the CWCC


Jul 11

"A gross miscarriage of justice"


Jul 10

Rape sentence upheld


Jul 4

Appeal reports; Verdict to be announced July 10


Jul 4

Appeal hearing to be held today


Apr 16

Judge scheduled to review case is being investigated for corruption


Apr 5

Chanthol Ong resigns from CWCC


Feb 5

Graham Cleghorn a case "government reluctant to touch"


Feb 1

Appeal Court judges to be replaced; Case to be reinvestigated


Jan 31

Appeal Postponed again


Jan 15

Lawyer claims Cleghorn facing human rights abuses


Jan 5

Cleghorn facing deteriorating conditions


Jan 4

Further Appeal delay


Jan 2

Appeal date set for 4th January




Dec 23

Summary of TV Documentary


Dec 18

Concerns over human rights breaches in prison


Dec 12

Promotion for TV Documentary


Dec 7

Appeal delayed again


Dec 2

Spirits lifted with appeal date set


Nov 30

Cleghorn granted appeal


Sep 29

Three accusers retract their allegations


Jul 7

Graham Cleghorn's appeal adjourned



Bronwyn Sloan talks about abuse allegations


Jun 24

Judge Tan Senarong denies interest in Cleghorn case


Jun 23

Media criticised for shabby journalism


Jun 21

New lawyer appointed, funding requested


Jun 20

New appeal date set for Graham Cleghorn


Jun 16

Reasons for layer resignation. Cleghorn despair


Jun 14

Australia to investigate Women's crisis centre


Jun 10

Cleghorn's lawyer resigns from case


Jun 10

Aust government concerned about natural justice in Cambodia


Jun 9

Appeal Court sets a concerning precedent


Mar 11

Internet Blog calls case a farce


Mar 9

Cambodian Justice Minister indicates will grant re-appeal


Mar 8

NZ TV Closeup covers case


Mar 7

Claims of corruption by Cambodian Crisis Centre


Mar 7

Ambassador seeks meeting with Cambodian Justice Minister


Mar 6

Graham Cleghorn pleads for NZ to get him a fair hearing


Mar 6

Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre hits back


Feb 27

Next appeal may be months away


Feb 26

NZ Ambassador going to Cambodia


Feb 25

Dominion Post feature article on Cleghorn case


Feb 23

Cleghorn's daughter begs for assistance


Feb 22

Lawyer calls for action by NZ politicians


Feb 21

Claim that Cleghorn is a victim of a "sex sting"


Feb 19

Officials seek clarification of Cleghorn's status


Feb 19

Concern for health of Graham Cleghorn


Feb 18

Evidence now emerged that complainants were lying


Feb 18

Appeal held without Cleghorn's knowledge




Sep 12

NZ lawyer claims trial "flawed", calls for government to intervene


May 2

Report about NZers in prison overseas




Nov 27

NZ TV news outlines claims of bribery and coercion in the case


Mar 29

Cambodian crackdown on foreigners preying on children


Mar 25

Bronwyn Sloan, Journalist in Cambodia highlights concerns "Madness in their method"


Feb 24

Denise Ritchie welcomes sentence


Feb 17

Graham Cleghorn found guilty, sentenced to 20 years


Jan 13

Report about NZers in prison overseas




Nov 8

NZ Herald features the case


Oct 24

Graham Cleghorn charged with rape