Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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A letter from David Vaughan - a man who knew Graham Cleghorn in Cambodia, and became his friend.  He discusses corruption and life in Cambodia

On Graham Cleghorn: "He is just a man who has been caught in between the forces of greed and corrupt judicial power". "He is man with high principles that would not cave in to the graft and corruption all around him"


On girls in Graham's restaurant: " Graham of course had young women working in his restaurant, which seemed to be part of the attraction, as was the western food he served and his friendly, helpful manner. ...... Traditional Cambodian society considers girls working at places like Graham's to be prostitutes. I can assure you the Brothels were already well established all over Siem Reap and Graham's place wasn't one of them. These girls were obviously poor and from surrounding villages. They were given room and board. Having watched other young girls being sold to brothel owners, I considered the ones working for Graham quite fortunate."


On enemies of Graham: "Graham’s association with certain high level ANKI (Royalist Faction Army), KPLNAF (Gen Lon Nols fighters) and certain members of the Royal Family that he assisted, gave some protection to him during the civil war period. Once the threat of armed forces against them left, the CPAF turned it's attention to the white devils that were against them."









April 6 2001


Is this why it all began?         New evidence July 2007


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Graham Cleghorn made a complaint against Judge Tan Senarong on 6 April 2001, two years before Graham was arrested. He alleges that Judge Senarong was attempting to extort money from Graham.


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Judge Tan Senarong had connections with the CWCC, the organisation that Cleghorn claims was responsible for coercing claims of rape against him



In 2006, Tan Senarong denied any involvement with Cleghorn.

June 2006 - Phnom Penh Post - Statement by Judge Tan Senarong


In a television documentary, broadcast in New Zealand in December 2006, Tan Senarong denied having anything to do with Cleghorn, even before his arrest in 2003.






Judge Tan Senarong