Graham Cleghorn….victim of injustice in Cambodia?

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This page last updated 11 July 2007





23 October       Arrested, charged & detained in custody.



17 February      Tried & convicted (no cross-examination of complainants, defence witnesses disallowed) Sentence: 20 years. Lawyer: Nach Try.

6 December      1st scheduled appeal adjourned (no independent translator provided for Cleghorn, discrepancies found in ages of complainants).



18 July             2nd scheduled appeal adjourned (following resignation of Nach Try, Cleghorn had no legal representation).



January            3rd scheduled appeal held in secret (Cleghorn & his lawyer Dy Borima advised after the event that his conviction has been upheld).

March               Following approach from NZ Ambassador, Cambodian authorities agree to reopen appeal.

9 June              Dy Borima resigns.

24 June            New lawyers Bou Nou Ouk & Parters (BNO) appointed.

10 July             4th scheduled appeal adjourned (insufficient preparation time for BNO).

8 December      5th scheduled appeal adjourned (complainants fail to attend court).



4 January         6th scheduled appeal adjourned (prison authorities fail to deliver Cleghorn to court).

31 January       7th scheduled appeal adjourned (defence request for new judges & re-investigation of case accepted).

4 July               8th scheduled appeal, 3 hour hearing (new judges appointed but case has not been re-investigated)

10 July             Appeal Verdict, Sentence Upheld - Defence witnesses not called